A 30 Day Yoga Journey: Dulce

Self-love, guys, it’s 2019!

How are you going with your new year’s resolutions so far?

When you make promises to yourself, you feel light hearted, elated, full of hope and perhaps connected to your higher Self. Am I right? You are ready and willing to embrace your longing for health and happiness.

So why do we trail off from our resolutions? Why don’t we stick at them?

We are not compassionate towards ourselves. We doubt ourselves. We become lazy.

But we must take care of our bodies, the seat of our very existence, so we can enjoy our lives. Rather than saying “this is impossible, I can’t do it” why not say “this is challenging, how can I work with it?” There are so many way you can start to be content, and to make it a habit. When we slow down, we can consciously ease up on what we are trying to achieve and instead open up to what IS.

Tell yourself that you can stay present and not shut down or run away. You can expand into each moment and allow its sweetness to blossom, so that we can experience the full vibrancy of life.

Catch the wave. Be in a space without resistance. Be vulnerable. New Years resolutions are hard to stick at, I know that! Everyone does!

In yoga, unlocking the keys to the real power often requires a fearless embrace of vulnerability. Be grateful for who we are and what we have now. In each pose there is an element of softness to send your thoughts to. In your next yoga session, why not feel the more subtle energy of each pose rather than pushing to find an edge or achieve mastery? It feels good! It establishes clarity. This quality brings us into the immediacy of the moment allowing us to also be more present and accepting.

“It is more than enough to rest and abide in heartmind (citta-prasadanam) where sweet grace flows forth without obstruction.”

Be sweet to yourself so you can be sweet to others.


A 30 Day Yoga Journey: Reveal

What has yoga revealed to you?

“Yoga helps you remove the obstacles that obscure who you really are, that it helps you come into a fuller expression of your true nature.”

All you have to do is listen.

Yoga has taught me that I do actually have time in the day to practice some kind of physical activity. I actually want to breathe deeply every day during practice. I will go out of my way to do yoga if I have to – I love it.

I want to create the opportunity to be more mindful and overcome the obstacles that are holding me back from becoming my best self.

Yoga allows me to take a glimpse at the joyful and free person that I know I can be, and I can properly embrace that freedom and change in my mind and heart. I can learn so much about myself from yoga practice.

And the practice can be as deep as you allow it to be. I have felt like crying a few times now at the end of practice. But that’s normal. It’s common to get the feels on your mat. Just allow it to happen.

I have learned that my body is tense – like all the time. And when I do yoga, all that tension, it melts away. That emotion bursts open with a force that floods us with that emotions and can bring us to tears as a form of complete release. Honestly, the feeling of becoming more in tune with yourself and when you learn to open yourself to give and receive – it’s like no other. When we move our bodies and breathe, it gives us the opportunity to work out the tension that we have been holding.

Yoga is such an effective way to process your emotions.

Our minds, bodies and breath are all interconnected – so it’s natural that the emotional impact of our experiences are imprinted into our bodies, affecting the balance of our energy. All the lessons we learn from practicing yoga are revealed to us when we pay attention to our mind and body.

If you keep showing up, the magic, the change, the transformation – whatever it is that you are seeking – will reveal itself. You don’t have to force it, you just have to show up.

A 30 Day Yoga Journey: Grace

Do I think I am graceful? Absolutely not. Do I think my postures are beautiful and poetic? Hell no. But will I continue to be disciplined in my practice until I can move with ease and softness? Well, yes, I will. I know that building on my grace will take time, love and acceptance. I’ll find my way and it will be the greatest journey.

My body is asking itself, what is elegance? Maybe I should read a book on elegance for dummies because I absolutely need it. I fall over every day at least once in my yoga practice. But that’s ok, I’ve got to accept that in some poses, I lack balance. But I breathe through it and steady myself. Over and over again. I keep going because quitting is not an option. Grace is a state of being that is earned through discipline. It might be a rocky road sometimes, but isn’t everything? Yoga is teaching me to be comfortable with the discomfort I’m feeling. To be comfortable with not always getting it right. I will transform along the way.

Have the strength to give your body the much needed grace that it needs and understand that if you can only manage Mountain Pose or Child’s Pose today, it is not a sign of weakness.

That being said, I have a problem with downward facing dog. My palms get sweaty, which causes my hands to move forward and for me to lose my position. It’s frustrating. It causes me to lose my focus in the flow. When this happens I always wonder if I will ever be able to find grace in this position. I need solutions! Does anyone have any advice?

When we accept that sometimes we are going to wobble and fall because of the lack of balance and open our hearts despite the fear of doing so, our heart and mind align and we find balance. When we open up and surrender, we find grace.

“Whatever we are waiting for – peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance – it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Connecting with how your body feels at any time, during any activity, can give you an opportunity to take a step towards grace. Wherever you are, or whatever you are doing, try to find lightness and softness of the skin.

Find stillness from the inside out.

Avid yoga practitioners are aware of their presence. They are in tune with the energy they are radiating – they live with such an inner fullness that they exude calmness and elegance. But they are practiced at it. They’ve studied for years and trained themselves to become one with grace. With practice it becomes so much easier and natural. If you dedicate time and effort to yourself, just imagine how much transformation you will see!

Trust the process.

That’s grace.

How did yoga enter your life? Or how does it influence you?

Let me know down in the comments!